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Castle Zichy


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Built in XVII. century.

Mole-rat Reserve


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Since 1976 this living space of small mole rats (Nannospalax leucodon) is under nature protection. The whole live-stock of small mole rats in Hungary is about 1000 animals. The reservation of 165 hectares can be found near the village Hajdúbagos.

Lake Vekeri


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Distance from Debrecen: 13 km Other facilities: The busiest and the most well developed recreation centre of the Erdőspuszta area, the ideal place for one-day excursions, class outings and camps. You can go rowing or fishing on the lake. Buffet, playground, paddle boat and boat hiring as well as facilities for horseback-riding and camping are available. The Lake Vekeri Festival is a regular summertime music festival. Access: by bus, bicycle and car from road no. 47, towards Hosszúpályi. You can buy a fishing ticket only at the lake from the river-keeper.

Bődi István Village Museum


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In the village museum visitors can get an insight into the life of village people, their homes, furnishings and clothes.


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